University Heights Completed

On Saturday January 14, 407 UVM students began moving into University Heights, the new 60 million dollar residential learning complex, located on Athletic Campus. The dormitory is reserved for Honors College students as well as first-year students previously located in Wing/Wilks residence halls.

This new dorm provides traditional, suite, and private style housing. There has been much anticipation from students awaiting to move into the new residence hall, and many are extremely relieved that the project is complete.

Stephanie Fakharzadeh, a freshman from the Honors College, shares the details of her living situation thus far. “I previously lived in Wilks Hall on Redstone campus, and just recently moved into The North Complex of University Heights. It’s really different here but there are many advantages.”

Stephanie explains how the clean, spacious rooms and private bathrooms helped make the adjustment easier. “This part of campus is much more centralized and involves a lot less effort traveling to my classes. There are also classrooms downstairs for Honors College students, which is extremely convenient.”

However, the new halls are not without disadvantages. “These dorms are a lot more spread out,” says Stephanie. “There seems to be less of a community feel as compared to where I was living before. I also miss Simpson dining hall, which was located downstairs in my old dorm.”

Living in University Heights has allowed Stephanie and many others to meet new people and see the University from a different perspective. “When I’m walking around campus now I see so many new faces that I haven’t seen before. It’s a good feeling to have a fun change of atmosphere,” said Stephanie.

The North Complex has many new and exciting features, such as a “green roof” to absorb storm water, 100 percent fresh-air distribution in every room, highly efficient heating and ventilating systems, a well insulated building envelope, cork flooring in the recreation and multipurpose rooms, and fiberglass-framed insulated windows.

Many students have described their new residence hall as luxurious and compared it to living in a hotel.

It is safe to say that students are adjusting to their new residence hall quite smoothly and are enjoying the new perks that University Heights has to offer.

“It’s always a little rough to change where you live in the middle of the year”, Stephanie reflects. “But I’m definitely content with my new situation. I’ve been very pleased with the new residence hall so far.”