UVM Dudeman Down

To the Editor: I am a sophomore at UVM and I just found something that is very disturbing. When I came here, I came because of UVM’s reputation as such a progressive, liberal school and because of the groovy people up here – many of whom I grooved with last year when I was a first year. This year I come back and move into Redstone and some creep pushes a flyer under my door with a website on it. They were plastered all over the dorm! It said something like “UVMDudeman – He’ll respect your girlfriend in the morning.” This is such sexist, bigoted crap! There was a website at the bottom which led me to the most bigoted, anti-progressive, racist, sexist, anti-gay website that I’ve ever seen! He belittles the gay community, makes fun of women and makes light of that rapist Kobe Bryant, then glorifying the “outing” of the poor teenage victim. He laughs when some poor girl with a very cute creative car got towed, and exploits UVM students who rode in last year’s naked bike ride by posting pictures! I guess he’s anti-free spirit, too. He attacks diversity and multiculturalism and affirmative action by saying “Whitey McWhite wants to get into the University of Vermont…so he says he is black on the application. UVM: “Welcome to UVM, Whitey! Here, take our full scholarhip!” He also objectifies freshmen girls and Miss Teen Vermont. Now, he’s not all bad because he dislikes President Fogel and what he’s done to UVM, too – but still there’s no excuse for being as racist, sexist and anti-gay as he is and UVM should shut www.uvmdudeman.com DOWN. Thank you.