UVM goes wireless without VPN

UVM installed a new generation of “Wi-Fi” wireless Internet that no longer includes the Cisco VPN Client, according to an e-mail from Chief Financial Officer Richard Cate to the general student body early this morning.The new network, named “UVM,” is Enterprise Technology Services’ (ETS) replacement to the previous campus provider, the Cat’sPAWS network.Using the previously installed Wi-Fi access points from the old VPN system, “UVM” will provide a more convenient service with lower routine support costs, Cate said.Additionally, the switch opened up mobile Wi-Fi options for devices like the iPod Touch, iPhone and BlackBerry phone, a service that was previously lacking on campus. Cate said that the “UVM” network should be available immediately in all areas that currently use the Cat’sPAWS network. Exceptions to this would be the Rowell and Aiken buildings, but work will be made to improve this over the summer.