UVM hit by budget cuts

UVM announced the first wave of budget cuts, totaling $10.8 million.
In an e-mail sent to the UVM community from the UVM Broadcast Center, the cut was revealed to  include laying off 16 staff members and not filling 34 currently vacant faculty and staff positions.

The details of the cuts laid out in the e-mail did not deviate much from those previously discussed by the administration, although they included the cutting of UVM’s baseball and softball teams, as well as the removal of physical therapy services from the Center for Health and Wellbeing.

“I recognize and deeply appreciate that this is not easy for anyone, especially those most directly affected,” UVM President Daniel Mark Fogel said.

In the e-mail, Fogel outlined measures to compensate those affected by the cuts, including severance packages to laid off faculty and staff, as well as the continuation of scholarships for players on cut sports teams.

In response to the cuts, a group of protesters marched from the Davis Student Center to the President’s Wing in Waterman shortly after the details of the cuts were announced in order to show their opposition.

According to the e-mail, “the announced cuts represent the first step of a two-stage process in which further reductions are possible once more specific information regarding revenue sources is available later in the spring.”

In order to deal with a budget deficit of almost $11 million, the administration is planning to cut an additional $4.2 million from the 2010 budget and $1 million from the budget for 2011.