UVM installs closed circuit cameras in Davis Center

Upon entering the Davis Center recently, individuals may have noticed that they are being monitored. According to Allen Josey, director of operations for the Davis Center, over the past few months approximately 32 “closed circuit television,” or CCTV, cameras have been installed throughout the Davis Center. These CCTV cameras capture video images and record them; the records serve as evidence for any incidents that may occur inside the building. The cameras send information from the Davis Center to a server at Police Services. There, the information will only be kept on file for 14 days before it is deleted to make space for new data. The cameras can be accessed in the Davis Center, along with any other location on campus, but there will not be a person who monitors the live footage each day, according to Josey. Some students are a bit skeptical about the installation of the cameras. “I think it’s kind of weird we’re being watched. There aren’t cameras in other buildings. The Davis Center was supposed to be a green, student center, but now they’re making it like a mall,” said freshman Jonna Jermyn. However, the purpose of the cameras is not to spy on students. Josey informs that the cameras are purely for safety precaution. “The reality is that we are not in a totally safe space,” he said. “There is a growing expectation by students, parents, staff and faculty that we have various security measures in place to help protect our community and aid in identifying people who violate our safety.” In addition to protecting the UVM community, the cam?eras will serve to discourage furniture theft, according to Josey. “We have already had issues with people trying to take furniture,” he said. The CCTV cameras are located in areas with a lot of traffic flow: all major entrances to the building, stairwells, primary hallways and the loading dock. The activity near the two information desks will also be recorded “… In the event that a student worker is involved with a person who is combative, argumentative, drunk, et cetera” Josey said. These cameras are not the first to appear on campus; there are several in the bookstore and in the Gutterson parking facility, Josey said. “Things like CCTV system and campus blue lights are all part of this effort to insure as best we can the campus is safe,” Josey said.