UVM named 5th fittest

The University of Vermont has been named the fifth fittest school in the nation, according to Men’s Health magazine in the Oct. 2006 issue. Dickinson College in Pennsylvania was ranked first place for the fittest school, according to the magazine. The survey questions used to help rank the colleges “included questions regarding the amount of physical activity students participated in each week, how much time they spent doing sedentary activities (other than studying), how much fast food they ate, how many cigarettes they smoked, and how much alcohol they consumed,” according to the magazine’s website. Additional survey questions were also asked about the school “such factors as how many fast-food chains were on campus, whether the school offered services such as extended gym hours and nutritionists; and how fit individuals considered their own respective campuses to be,” according to the website. The University of Vermont Recreation Center, offers a variety of programs for students and faculty to get involved with including: club sports, intramural sports and fitness and instructional recreation, according to the recreation website. There are 14 club sports and 22 intramural sports available on-campus for students. The fitness and instructional recreation gives students a chance to become involved with “personal training services, individual consultations/program design, drop-in group fitness classes, instructional fitness courses, conditioning programs and educational seminars,” according to the website. The new Drop-in Fitness program offers cycling, yoga, kick-boxing, lifting, and step and strength classes. Ashley Grant, a UVM freshman work-study student that works at the recreation center, said, “The club sports have increased and the new fitness program has also increased with students participating. “A lot of people that come to work out, I know by name and I know exactly how long they will stay. Most people that come to the gym have a workout routine,” she said.Peak times in the recreation facility vary throughout the week. “Usually mid-week is the most packed and Friday and Sunday are the most quiet days. The busiest time is from about four to nine,” said Sydney Finkle, a UVM senior who also has a work study at the recreation center. “The elliptical is the most popular equipment used,” she said. “It is also surprising that just as many guys use the cardio machines but I never usually see girls use the weight room,” she said. The number of girls and guys that go to the gym is about even, said Brandon Weaver, assistant director at the recreation center. “In general the number of people here [in the gym] is through the roof. Every winter, the fitness room is maxed out with the amount of people.”