UVM Nursing School dean finalist for top spot at University of Wisconson

Betty Rambur, the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, was chosen, along with three others, as a finalist for the Chancellor position at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay on Nov. 26. On Dec. 11 and 12, Rambur will go back to the UWGB and partake in another round of interviews, meeting with students, faculty and staff at the University. On Dec. 19, she will have an interview with the president of the board as well. “There is a long way between here and there,” Rambur said, and she does not know when she will hear if she did or did not get the job. Rambur is not certain that she will take the job if it is offered to her. “I will be deciding if they will be a good match for me. Fit goes two ways and I’m certainly looking forward to being interviewed by them but at the same time I have to assess my sense of fit,” Rambur said. “I continue to have great interest in the work and the talents of the people at UVM and I love Vermont [but] I am ready to take on a more complex challenge and serve society at a broader capacity,” Rambur said. If she gets the job, Rambur would leave her position as the Dean of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences next year after working at UVM for nine years. Rambur serves on the Board of Trustees of Fletcher Allen Health Care System and has chaired the Quality Committee. Last year, Rambur was selected as an American Council on Education Fellow, “a program that is designed to teach people about leadership,” Rambur said. Although she is looking ahead she is also looking back at her time here at UVM. “[If I got the job] I’d miss everything about being here. In the end it’s all about people, the people you work with and for and that’s what I would miss the most,” Rambur said.