UVM Provost Bramley Quits

President Daniel Mark Fogel announced today that John Bramley has asked him to initiate a search for his successor as senior vice president and provost so that he can return in due course to the faculty in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Fogel said the national search for the new provost would last between 12 and 18 months. Bramley will continue to serve as provost until the search is completed and his successor is in place.

Fogel said Bramley has been a key partner in a number of strategic initiatives, whose contributions have been highly significant.

“John is a wonderful colleague, a very talented administrator, and a gifted researcher and teacher,” Fogel said. “He plays a key part on our team – a role we’re counting on him to continue for the next one to two years.”

Bramley said that he joined the administration at a time of transition – just prior to Interim President Edwin Colodny’s tenure. Now that the institution is on a strong upward arc under President Fogel, Bramley said he felt free to plan his return to his first love, teaching and research.

“It wasn’t my original intention to continue on as provost beyond my service as interim,” Bramley said. “I had always planned on returning to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences doing the work that I loved.

But Dan Fogel was very persuasive and I chose to stay on. We’ve accomplished a great deal, but there’s still more work to do.

Before returning to the faculty, I look forward to consolidating the many gains we’ve made, and especially to leading the development of strongly linked planning and budgeting processes.”

Fogel said he regretted Bramley’s decision but understood it.

“Being passionate about research and teaching is the mark of a great professor.

I admire John greatly, not least of all for his passionate commitment to science and teaching, and rejoice that, while the University will have to engage a new provost, we at UVM will not be losing John Bramley as a friend and colleague.”