UVM remembers 10th anniversary of attacks

  Hundreds of candles lit the sky as UVM gathered in tribute to those lost on 9/11. A candlelight vigil was held at the Davis Center Amphitheater on Sunday night in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. The event was planned and hosted by Kappa Sigma fraternity to acknowledge 9/11, as well as to collect donations for the Vermont hurricane relief, senior Kyle DeVivo, president of Kappa Sigma, said. “We worked really hard to make it a comforting and welcoming experience,” DeVivo said. Gov. Peter Shumlin requested to speak at the vigil the night before the event was going to take place, he said. At the event, Shumlin spoke of the increased patriotism and spirit of the country over the past decade. “My guess is that if those that lost their lives could see you now, they would be proud of you and proud of our country,” he said. Shumlin said that the nation is closer than ever, as he has observed communities reach out to each other when spending twelve days helping Vermonters deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. “[There is] a spirit that is in Vermont, a spirit that is in this lawn, a spirit that is across this country. The people that died did not do so in vain,” he said. Next on the stage was Matt Vinci, a captain of the South Burlington Fire Department, who spoke of his experience attending funerals in New York for fallen firefighters ten years ago. “I will never forget crossing the Brooklyn Bridge and smelling the burning buildings,” Vinci said. Next to speak was Student Government Association (SGA) president Julian Golfarini and Aliza Lederer-Plaskett, SGA member and New York City resident. Golfarini asked students to not only remember what he called a day of complete chaos, but to acknowledge the acts of humanity and sense of brotherhood that it created. “There was a 6 block line at the hospital to give blood [on Sept. 11, 2001] and a 4 block line to give food at the food bank,” Golfarini said. “I saw such patriotism that day.” Lederer-Plaskett spoke about the importance of remembering those lost during the attacks. “Think for one second about the people you care about,” she said. “Think of the 2,998 people who died that day because of chance, every single person had someone who cared for them.” Last to speak was Provost Jane Knodell, who felt it was important that members of a university community could come together to commemorate the lives that had been lost on 9/11. “[This vigil] demonstrates how much that horrible event has rippled out to touch so many people’s lives,” Knodell said. Knodell also listed the names of 10 UVM alumni who were among the 2,998 people that passed away Sept. 11, 2001. Some students at the event said they supported Kappa Sigma’s efforts in raising money for Vermonters. “I think there is a strong correlation between Hurricane Irene and 9/11,” sophomore Mackenzie Jones said. Students said they also enjoyed the community aspect of the vigil and remembered where they were on that day ten years ago. “It really brought everyone together,” sophomore Amanda Donovan said.