UVM replaces email system

The University’s webmail system will see an upgrade in 2016. Every student’s email will be upgraded to a new webmail system at different times throughout the spring semester.


The reasons for the change are that the current webmail system is “outdated” and “not user-friendly,” said Mike Austin, the director of the Systems Architecture and Admissions department at UVM’s Enterprise Technology Services.


“We wanted a system with a great web interface and mobile device support,” Austin said.


Austin described the new system as being able to store more mail and having faster search capabilities.


In addition to the system improvements, he said a calendar feature will now be available to students and staff members.


“The central scheduling system will allow professors to schedule work hours, publish homework assignments and other potential possibilities,” Austin said.


For many, the change has already begun.

“We have already moved a few thousand people, and we’ll be moving people over the course of spring semester,” Austin said. “We’ll notify people when the accounts are going to move, and the actual process of moving shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes.”


“We hope students will like it,” Austin said. “The old system is outdated, and students will notice a much richer account.”


First-year Eliana Moskovitz, who primarily uses the system to contact professors, said she thinks the new system “looks a lot better.”


“It seems more organized and easier to use,” Moskovitz said. “The calendar feature could be helpful if the professors used it.”


Sophomore Patrick Carr said the old system was easy to use, but the newer system looks less dated.


“Either way, I’ll be fine with it,” Carr said. “But looking at the new one now, the old one makes me think of 1995.”