UVM Student Writes and Directs Own Play

David Marzollo, a 25 year-old University of Vermont student, is the producer, writer, and director of his first play, The Busted Hinge.I think that this man is just a real blast. He knows how to maintain the attention of the people he is talking to, he is really interesting, and I was glad to have an interview with him.Q: How did all the things about writing come to you?A: I like to write creatively, and I like to tell stories.The fact that I travelled a lot did play into the fact that I like to write because I have a lot of experiences, and a lot of stories have been told to me in the different places I have been to. Then I like to tell stories and change the viewpoint to maintain the attention of the listeners.Q: Tell me more about that play the The Busted Hinge. What is it mainly about?A: The play is a comedy, more a parody.The gates of heaven just break down, and the people who have to be judged get judged, and the bad minds go in hell, and the good ones can’t go in heaven because the gates are out of order.Q: How have you been involved in the world of theater?A: I started as an actor which was fine, but I didn’t really like it because as an actor you do not have a lot of field of action. The more often you are just here to play the scenes that you are asked to play without any way to add something.On the other hand, being the writer or the director of the play is more interesting, and I think that’s how the idea of writing a play came to me.Q: How did the ideas for this play come to you?A: It was in Italy last year in May. I was in the mountains, and I decided to focus my mind on one idea in view to forget about all the distance that I had to walk.It was really intensive.The ideas started to come really quick, and I started to write a lot of notes. I really started to write this play during the past fall.Q: Are you able to expect some feelings from the spectators?A: Well, due to the fact that the play is a comedy about death and the afterlife, it may be a little shocking for older people. It’s really hilarious for us students and young people.I let a lot of people read that play, and I asked them for criticism because I wanted it to be politically correct.Q: How did the way you worked to realize that play go?A: I think that I was blessed because I had a lot of support from the people I have been working with, just like the actors who really did a great job.I had great support from all the actors and the people who were working with me in that play. They helped me a lot by introducing some of their own ideas in the play. Anything I liked we kept. This way they are not just there as figurants, but they are fully part of the play. I just want to notice that all the people who have been working with me are students, and I would like to thank them because they gave their best, and I think that the play would never be what it is if they weren’t there.I would like to thank the theatre department for being so helpful. They loaned me some equipment, a place to rehearse my plays, and a lot of others things were at my disposal.Finally, I would like to give credit to Jamie Gray, without who the play would never be what it is today because she organized almost everything for me, and she gave her best to the organization of the play.Q: How did your relatives react to your ambition of being a playwright?A: Well, they accepted it really well because I have a family of artists, so they understand it very well, and my parents are just the best people I ever knew in my life, and I am really proud of them. I want to thank my girl. She always believed in me, and it’s really cool of her. She was always there for me.