UVMDudeMan.com Down?

I find it unbelievable that people will go to such lengths to eliminate a website because they disagree what the content of that website is. After visiting www.uvmdudeman.com I came to the understanding that not only is the material there not as outrageous as Danielle Taggert made it out to be in last week’s Cynic, but it all seems to be written with a comical undertone. As far as I know, people are allowed to state their opinion in verbal and written form, and for students to criticize “DudeMan” because he’s writing what he wants without catering the oversensitivity of our society is asinine. In addition to students left feeling angry, the school itself is feeling threatened by uvmdudeman.com? Residential life actually incorporated an anti-DudeMan message into their training of RAs ? Excuse me? I think Res Life has a few more important things to worry about than making students think they aren’t allowed to visit a website. As far as I’m concerned, www.uvmdudeman.com is funny, witty, and just plain entertaining. People need to stop attempting to suppress opinions that they don’t agree with. In the immortal words of DudeMan regarding oversensitivity: “Find a Trojan Sensitive, pull it over your head, and shut the hell up”.