UVMtv makes move to Billings

UVMtv has faced its fair share of struggles in the past year.

 First came the announcement that the student-run television station would no longer be operating from the Davis Center after its lease expired in May. Now, with the removal of cable from the dorms and the club relocated to the basement of Billings, club members have been left wondering what’s next.   

Junior Hailey Grohman, communications director at UVMtv, said she is glad to have finally found a new space. 

 “It’s been a really tough and stressful year, but it’s finally looking up for us,” she said. 

Grohman said she remains optimistic about the recent financial problems her club has faced and is excited for a new year of original programming online. 

Unlike some other student media organizations such as WRUV radio and the Cynic, UVMtv was not written into the original building contract when the Davis Center first opened in 2006. Because of that, they were expected to pay rent just like any other storefront would even though other clubs are exempt.

The inability of UVMtv to pay the rent is what ended their time in the Davis Center and resulted in their new space in Billings.

As for the new location, Grohman is looking forward to the good things to come.

“We’re really excited for the opportunity to make it exactly what we want – an open space for students to exercise creativity and get valuable experience with video production,” she said. 

Across the country, the number of cable subscriptions is on pace to be in decline for the first time in the history of cable television, with many pointing to college students for blame, a recent Bloomberg report stated. 

According to the report, the generation called “cord-nevers” by some, in reference to the term “cord-cutter” has never paid for a TV package of any kind and instead watches Netflix or other online streaming options.

Grohman said that this trend would be a difficult transition for UVMtv

“It requires a lot of transition for a TV station to go from cable broadcasting to online-only programming but that seems to be the way the world is headed and we’re happy to improve our online presence,” she said. 

Junior Justin Sackel said the studio space shift and cable cuts have not changed his opinion about UVMtv.

“I’ve never really watched it. I’ve flipped through channels and seen someone DJ-ing or what I guess is a talk show but I really never stay on the channel,” Sackel said.

Currently, all programming is available to watch at www.uvmtv.org. 

UVMtv may have had a rough year in 2013, but the club is excited for the good things to come. Meetings occur at 7 p.m. on Sunday nights in Living/Learning room 315 until the new headquarters is completed.