Vote Sanjeev Yadav SGA President

A student leader needs to have the following: intellect, experience, charisma, and an open mind. We feel that Sanjeev Yadav has all of this and more, and we give our endorsement to him for Student Government Association President. A former student trustee and president of the College Republicans, Yadav has been involved heavily at UVM, gaining experiences that not many have had. One experience that we feel will benefit the SGA is Yadav not being a current senator. Bringing fresh blood into the system will help jumpstart the SGA and can only improve it. This is will end the self-perpetuating cycle and allow a different type of leadership into the Billings office to make some changes to the system and better the SGA for all students. Along with experience as a leader at UVM, Yadav has the charisma and the presence to be a dominant figure on campus. He can get the attention of a room without yelling and get his ideas across clearly, two very important characteristics in a leader. He also has the ability to see both sides, as seen by his ability to look past partisan issues and work with people across campus of different ideologies. We feel that Yadav will bring a fresh energy and new ideas to the SGA. He’s looking to unite the campus, whether it be plans for a pub or large campus events. He hasn’t become jaded by many nights in North Lounge, and is looking to promote the ideas of all students, and not just the SGA’s. With his experience as a trustee, his knowledge of the campus and what students want, and his charismatic personality, we feel that Sanjeev Yadav will be the best candidate for SGA President.