“War Debate” on Oct 16, 2001

To the Vermont Cynic, oct 20, 2001I attended the recent “debate” concerning the war in Marsh Hallon Oct 16th. I was the one that was escorted out by security for “spitting” on a member of the audiance. It is typical of such a person to cry over “first amendment rights” as long as they support the “progressive” agenda, while at the same time, hypocritically demanding that anyone who stands opposed to this view be silenced. But then, with leftist political correctness in full sway over what passes for our higher institutions of learning today, why should we expect anything diffrent.I make no apologies or regrets for what I did. The person should be lucky a spitting was all he got, I should have kicked his ass all over that auditorium.I got up and spoke the truth, to him and to all the other so-called “peace activists” in the crowd that night-You are TRAITORS and SELLOUTS who will use any opportunity to rationalize and make excuses for our enemies, while at the same time, blaming our country for everything bad in this world.I want to tell these liars and America-Haters:Don’t equate the actions of our military with those of the terrorists. Our fighting soldiers are fighting and dying right now, while you go around in comfort spreading lies about them.Sedition is not a “First Amendment Right” any nation concerned about its survival has a right to take on its enemies not only abroad, but also from within. As far as I’m concerned, you forfieted your rights with your traitorious and seditious actions against our military and our nation. Admit the truth, you would still hate our current leaders and our military even if this terrorist attack had not occured.Dont hide your hatred for our country behind such guilt trips such as having concern for “innocent” civilians. Don’t ask our leaders to appeal to concepts of “morality”.In war, there is no morality, there is only victory or defeat. the terrorists made no distinction between innocent civilians and the military, they were all considered the enemy and acted accordingly, they showed their morality by the absence of it.I have no compassion for the sufferings of my potential enemy. Yes, Feminazis, I’ll take a page out of your handbook. Just as you go around saying all men can be “potential” rapists, then all Arabs, and by extention, all Muslims, can be my potential enemy. We all know you are selective in who you designate as victim. I have no more compassion for the dead raghead child who could grow up to hate us and murder us than you do for the white victim of black crime, which occurs every day in this country.Traitors and America-Haters, don’t be surprised if in the future, I show up at one of your rallies or vigils. I will stand in your way. I will confront you. I will be in your face and tell you what you are, to your face. I deal with my enemies straight up and directly. And if nesesasary, I will do more than just spit. I will fight!Peace without Victory is Death!No Peace until Victory!God Bless America-DEATH to TRAITORS!Most Sincerely Yours,John Long(Mr. Happy)