Wasted trees

This is written in response to LTE “Getting the facts right” Kimberly-Clark uses very little recycled fiber and theirKleenex brand tissue uses none.According to Kimberly-Clark’s proxy statement sent to shareholders last year, “Recycled fiber currently accounts for approximately 29 percent of fiber use for Kimberly-Clark and its subsidiaries and equity affiliates.”This figure doesn’t take into account the even lower levels of recycled fiber used in North America or the lower percentage of this total that is postconsumer waste (recycled fiber taken out of the waste stream). All forest certifications are not the same.We’re only interested in forest certifications that are not created or led by the forest industry as an excuse to log.According to Kimberly-Clark’s Sustainability Report released last April, only 7.7% of their virgin fiber is Forest Stewardship Council certified.This is about ancient forests that are turned into toilet paper and tissue. Losing intact forests for disposable products is inexcusable!With all that said, given the fact that Kimberly-Clark doesn’t usually list the amount of post consumer waste in their products, it is surprising that you have included this data in your response.So, in the interest of telling the truth, would you be able to tell us what you do at Kimberly- Clark?Respectfully,Basil Tsimoyianis,Class of 2009