Wasting dollars

I am writing to address the recent articles about the University of Vermont’s trustees meeting.I would like to suggest to President Fogel and the members of the board that they take a introductory course in economics before they go and raise tuition again.As far as I can tell, the University is spending its money frivolously which is why there is nothing available for necessary items such as building renovations.Take for example the fancy new Web site they have just put together, that must have cost a fair amount, and yet it is less effective and harder to use than the old one (which incidentally also looked nicer).Also, does the athletic department really need a brand new Honda Ridgeline truck which has a starting price tag of $28,000?How about Summer-U’s Scion xB which starts at $16,000 and is covered in thousands of dollars of decals?These are just a few of the totally unnecessary purchases I could name that the University has made and yet somehow they still feel justified in complaining about this supposed lack of money.How about taking that money and spending it on the faculty instead so that the students really feel likethey are spending their money on quality education and not an advertising campaign?Respectfully,Josh Typrowicz-CohenClass of 2009