I am writing this letter in response to Andrew Woods’ story about mullets. I recently gazed at myself in the reflection of a store window and realized that I am now a “Mullet” as Mr. Woods likes to refer to us as. This story seriously offended me and everything I stand for with my hair resting gracefully on my shoulders. To say that we savagely attack one another and are unapproachable is an insult to my kind and only gives us a worse name than we already have received from people like David Lee Roth and everyone from the state of Tennessee. I resent Mr. Woods’ comments about our love for creamed corn out of the can. I ALWAYS transfer it out of the can to my mother’s Tupperware. This piece is pure fluff and has no place in the National Inquirer, much less the Vermont Cynic. Please consider your audience when writing a piece such as this Mr. Woods and write something much more respectable like that Scott Woodruff fellow, what happened to him?-Blee Higgins