What NASCAR really is

I just read the cynical nonsense posted last March poo pooing NASCAR. What NASCAR is today is a huge milti BILLION dollar business. It draws all sorts of people including professionals like myself who have always had an interest in automobile racing. There is much more to it than driving in a circle. One driver has an advanced degree in engineering and uses his education to his team’s advantage. If the sport was as the writer of the article described there would be no sponsors willing to pay up to fifteen million dollars a year to sponsor A car.The writer should learn more about NASCAR, get to know a few of the drivers (it’s pretty boring if you don’t have a clue who is driving what car), and then take a trip to Louden, New Hampshire in July or September to see a race. Then come back and tell us all it’s just for fat beer drinking red necks.Visit my site for more info. http://leeallaben.tripod.com/Lee AllabenSouth Burlington, Vermont