What’s Next for Some of the Candidates? Lydia Morin

How will you continue to pursue the issues that you focused on in your campaign?I’m going to continue my work with Deac and Mike at Parking and Transportation Services in making the late-night more accessible and safe, and whether not I’m reelected, I will continue my work with the Student Neighborhood Liaison Program. What should Kesha Ram and DaVaughn Bryan focus on to begin their term in office?I think it will be important that they make a valiant effort to meet and get to know each senator and acknoweledge each of their interests, capabilities and strengths so that everyone involved can give to and get the most from the SGA.Why do you think you lost this SGA election?I think the vote was really split. We all knew going in that with seven presidential candidates, anything could happen. I have to say, I’m now really looking forward to my senior year and focusing on the issues about which I am most passionate.