What’s Next for Some of the Candidates? Scott McCarty

How will you continue to pursue the issues that you focused on in your campaign?I hope to continue my work as a member of the Senate, attack the issues I campaigned on and get stuff done for UVM students on student safety, town-gown relations, tuition and hockey ticket availability.What should Kesha Ram and DaVaughn Bryan focus on to begin their term in office?Kesha and DaVaughn ran a great campaign and I commend them on a victory well earned. I hope that on top of the issues that they pledged to focus on, I would like to see them pay particular attention to student safety concerns and the rising cost of tuition.Why do you think you lost this SGA election?Lizzy and I did everything right in this race. There may have been a problem with a division in the Greek vote, but I feel that we ran a great campaign that was positive and issue oriented. I am proud of the campaign we waged and have no regrets.