Whine and Dine in Boston

Fred Castiglia hit the proverbial nail right on it’s bonker in his article ‘The Curse of the Bambino’.Anyone who would enjoy watching Nomar fiddle with himself repetitively has a very high tolerance for pain and being a Bosux fan means pain for sure.As Fred suggests , Boston fans turn this pain into Yankee bashing instead of doing some really deep soul searching and asking the right questions about what REALLY is the problem [ I think they believe their own superstitions personally] and stop trying to foist it off on a club with incredible class and personality, [qualities , as Fred says , you couldn’t buy if you tried to] like the New York Yankees.In my mind , once The Sox let the Yanks win game two ,missing a chance to capitalize on two innings of bases loaded ,it was all over. Yanks will make another World Series .Maybe if the Boston players wore WHITE SOX and scratched their ankles half a dozen times before every pitch they might more ‘luck’ and have a better chance of turning things around !!Dylan