White Makes Right

Recently, while driving to the weekly meeting of the college Republicans, I realized a fundamental truth. The rich white male is the most oppressed group in America today. On the surface, it may seem as though the entire universe was designed to give me optimal opportunities in our society. Not true.Day after day I watch my rights stripped from me, as scholarships and grants are thrown at Puerto Ricans and Mexicans with no regard for my well being. Some may argue that the fact I can afford to go to UVM without a scholarship should prohibit me from gaining financial aid. What a crock. My trust fund is deteriorating rapidly, and I was unable to buy the new spinna 24-inch rims for my Benzi because I had to worry about paying tuition.Day by day I see my opportunities deteriorating. The liberal doctrine of “fairness”, “equality”, and caring about the fates of women and minorities must stop. Hopefully George W. can ammend this situation. He’s been a big help for us recently, and if the rest of the country comes to its senses, he will get re-elected. I would argue that the only solution to this downward trend would be to build a huge wall between the US and Mexico, a la Israel/Palestine, and to step up efforts to ruin women’s body image through magazines and television.