Who is writing for our paper?

I am thorougly appauled at an article written by one of our own “editors.” In an article entitled Auto Racing: Awesomely Stupid or Just Plain Awesome, the author makes some great points about the Auto Racing industry. Unfortunately the Op-Editor responds in a negative way to his article simply because he has no clue what he’s talking about. This individual claims that ‘Auto racing is the stupidest American passtime other than the Fox network’s show The Swan…” He claims that the oil from car races should be “reallocated” to be used more productively. Do you have any idea how much oil is in one of these cars? It’s less than 4 quarts. Do you know what a quart is? If you took all the oil from all the cars in the Indy 500, you might be able to heat a Vermont home for about half a day. Nice reallocation! I agree with this fool of an editor that natural landscape makes America great, but so does a nation full of people with steady jobs. While I think that racing as “America’s Favorite Passtime” is ridiculous, one could only imagine how much the economy is stimulated by this sport. Millions of people have jobs and can support their families because of this “stupid sport.” So if you can feel good about stopping auto racing because of a couple of barrels of oil every year to put millions of people and families out on the street then good for you. How did you become an editor?