Who Truly Represents Us?

With the beginning of a new semester and the end of an old, many people reflect at the events of the past months and wonder in a amazement at some of the changes that have taken place. Others have no idea what goes on around them. One of the most influential bodies, the Student Government Association, is making decisions every week that affect every student’s life here at UVM. But a large percentage of students have no idea who these people are, what they do, and why we even have an SGA. Sound like a problem? We think so. We as an undergraduate student body contribute every year to this organization, with many unaware of the group of students who supposedly represent them. Why are we all so in the dark? The SGA has to make themselves better known to the larger student body. Not everyone passes through Billings and not everyone reads Cat Tracks. Do most people know that there are usually vacancies on the Senate, and that we elect these students? Voter turn out is weak, and that’s ridiculous, seeing that these are the students who are supposed to represent our views and ideas to the administration. It’s also hard to see the true representation of UVM sitting around the North Lounge of Billings every Tuesday night. Less than 10 percent of UVM is Greek, while all executive officers of the SGA and a large percentage of senators also belong to fraternities and sororities. While it’s great that these students took the time to get involved, but do they know what all students truly want and need out of their UVM experience? Granted it would be difficult to get a percent percentage of different types of people (athletes, anarchists), but more effort needs to be made here. Maybe the SGA should spend some time outside of Billings and make a trip around the dorms, talking with students of all different interests to get a more balanced opinion on what needs to be done on campus. Maybe not everyone thinks the late-night bus is the epitamy of things that needs to be accomplished this year. Students also need to be more informed about what the Senate actually debates about. Can anyone name two things on their agenda? We give these guys money to play with and power to change things, yet none of us could care less what they do. Maybe we would care if we saw people like us on Senate. The way to change the ways things get done is to make an effort to get involved and see what you can to make a difference. Take some action and demand to know what goes on with our money and our representatives. We demand of our U.S. Congressmen and women, why shouldn’t we do it for our school reps? We have a more likely chance of having a direct impact with these guys then the ones down on Capitol Hill. If you don’t like who represents you, then change it. Represent yourself.