WHo’s the REAL chump?

Reading the online article, waiting to be published in the cynic tomorrow, Dude This Guy’s A Chump By Julian Brizzi I began fuming with anger. I live next door to Sean and believe he is a GREAT guy, love him to pieces and yes, guys can go overboard sometime and go off on stupid issues BUT his website was purely for fun. I am not saying that I condone ridiculing other people, but it’s not like he posted fliers around campus advertising this site, it was on his AIM Buddy Info, therefore if you KNEW Sean you could click on his link and get a giggle from inside jokes and pictures. The opening page of the site is a warning that the site contains angry points of view which are fictional with made up names and situations. The internet user has the OPTION of leaving or entering the site, by entering they are allowing themselvs to view the material and content of this “hippie hating” web site. When I was reading Julian’s article all I wanted to do was march over to Slade and bitch him out. He spends so much energy on hating Sean’s MADE UP SITE that he doesn’t even realize, HE, himself is going overboard. People really need to find things to do with their time rather than write 3page letters about a peer webpage. If you are a hippie, or even if you aren’t, GO OUT AND DO SOMETHING don’t sit around and boil your brains over something that clearly states ENTER AT OWN RISK. In addition, there is NO need to go off on someones grammar or spelling, I’m sure you wouldn’t do that if the article was about something else such as a war protest, sporting event, or holiday; but since it’s an issue you find personally offensive, for reasons that aren’t even clearly clarified, you find it necessary to attack Sean’s lack of spellcheck.What I find the most appaling is that you, Julian, went out and called Sean and harassed him. He did not single you out personally and call you and make fun of you and your beliefs, but instead of laughing it off and being like “oh that kids ridiculous” you went ahead, USED HIS NAME IN YOUR GODDAMN ARTICLE, without his permission I might add, included his email address for further obnoxious letters. Since when is it wrong for a college kid to make up a website? I am just stunned that you and your friends feel it necessary to call and harass Sean, make up stories in order to talk to him, THAT is pathetic. If you had a problem you should NOT of entered the site, and even then if you had, you could of emailed the website address and stated your opinions rather than make a mountain out of a moehill.I do not even know what to say anymore in response becuase unlike YOU I do not want to say things out of anger. In a school where there are more “hippies” than others, you would think that if anyone were to write a hostile article it wouldn’t be one of them. Just a reminder, dont sweat the small stuff-its a waste of time-laugh things off that arent going to be a life long personal threat….this is just assinine.