Why I am Leaving UVM – An open letter to President Fogel

As a promising high school student in pursuit of a quality education, I knew that I had many options. I could have enrolled at nearly any school I wanted but chose to attend UVM, and frankly, I have loved it here. I did not ever regret that decision. In fact, if it were not for one thing, I would certainly be staying. I cannot afford to stay here for four years.

At over $33,000 a year, UVM is the third most expensive public school in the country – not too far behind the UCAL Berkley, who is in first. Personally, I attribute this expense to the massive construction projects currently in progress, which collectively cost over $200 million, making the school appear to be a colossal hard-hat area. It’s just disappointing, Mr. Fogel. If you are so worried about the reputation of the school, and about its future, how about starting with the students? They are what make any school great, not some fancy buildings. At the very least, maybe you could have slowed down instead of trying to do everything at once, making a benefit for the future a burden of the present students, who pay a fortune to come here. I know that I am not the only one in this position, and that is why I am writing this letter – it’s for all of us who simply cannot afford to attend the school that they love. Hopefully you will find it in your heart to give deserving students enough money to come here, even if it means putting off a project for a few years.

Willie GuerraWould-be Class of 2008Transferring to UMASS Amherst