Winter’s Welcome

Univer-sity of Vermont experienced something it hadn’t in over eight years: two consecutive snow days. So were the stu-dents upset about the Univer-sity’s decision to close? All tangible signs point to “No”. To the students, this was a day and a half of freedom – A fluffy, white, blanketed free-dom. “Yeah, I pretty much just did a fair amount of frolicking in the snow. And then Thurs-day, well, I frolicked some more. It really was just great frolicking weather,” freshman Luke Bicknell said. Others, like sophomore Jeff Hutchins, plowed their own paths off campus to head over to the steep sledding hills of the Burlington Country Club. “I’m not sure what you can put in here, but the sled-ding trip wasn’t a sober one,” Hutchins said. “And on Thurs-day, I watched NASCAR most of the day, all the while know-ing that I should have been studying…woops.” The Jay Peak Web site boasted of the Valentine’s Day blessing, “Instead of flow-ers, we got you 60″ of snow: XOXO.” “I was pumped. It was possibly the best drift skiing yet,” freshman Emily Schloff said, more than thrilled to be allotted extra days for skiing. Many others unwilling to sacrifice their internal warmth by trudging through the mounds of snow, spent their snow days relaxing and watching massive amounts of television and movies. One freshman, Brooke Love, tal-lied up her total time watching television and movie on Thurs-day to be more than 10 hours. “By the end of the day, I was jittery,” Love said. “I cried freakishly hard at the end of Pearl Harbor.”