Women Not Objects

To the Editor: I have been nothing short of appalled by the ignorant, heterosexist and objectifying critique that you offered in your article, “Right to Bare Arms.” We are all humans and are innately sexual beings, but you have taken it upon yourself to degrade men to being beastly predators, interested in only one thing. The way in which you have objectified and hyper-sexualized women is also not acceptable. You have admitted to not caring about objectifying women, but I do care and I think many others do also. You have identified yourself as being the stranger on campus eyeing women from behind your dark glasses. Being aroused by anorexic women on documentaries and seeing women solely as sexual objects is very dangerous. These words are connected to our larger society, where women are told they can be raped for what they wear, where they walk and how they act. Women are not here to solely serve the desires of men. The next time you are aroused by a documentary on anorexia or feel the need to excessively gawk at women, remember your mother or sister-try to image them being objectified and disrespected in this manner. Hanna JenkinsClass of 2005