Write in your friendly Republican

Dear Vermont Voters and Open Media,As you may have read or heard on the news, the Sam Young for Governor campaign has challenged Vermont voters to “Steal Jim Douglas’ Ballot” on the Sept. 9 primary by choosing a Republican ballot and writing-in ‘Sam Young’ for Governor. Recognizing the daunting nature of this call (over 40,000 voters participate in the Republican primary), I ask you to join us in testing the power of our Open Democracy in Vermont. Together we represent a powerful voting block which (at the very least) will scare the Douglas campaign and send a message to other Vermont voters that op?position is urgently needed. No way, No how, No easy ride for Douglas!In coordination with the call to “Steal the Ballot,” I am pleased to direct you to www.VermontVotes.net. This same tool, also used very successfully by Nancy Pelosi (www.askthespeaker.org), empowers citizens to engage ALL Vermont’s candidates for Governor in substantive discussion about current issues, the legislative process, and how citizens can participate in their government.Young is calling for a unified action by all dissatisfied Republicans, Democrats, Progressives and Independents. The campaign has asked all the gubernatorial candidates to participate in www.VermontVotes.net, as well as unite across party-line politics towards a brighter future for Vermont! Go to the polls on Tuesday September 9, and join us in writing-in ‘Sam Young’ on the Republican Ballot!In the Spirit of Vermont,Nicole ColstonSam Young for Vermont Governorwww.sam4vt.com