Your perfect winter coat

As the days get shorter, and a sweatshirt or fleece does not seem to keep the cold from biting, you know it’s time to buy a new winter coat. This season offers many options that will allow you to find the perfect one to fit your individual style. When choosing a winter coat, you should be mindful of both form and function. The perfect coat must fit into your lifestyle. The Timeless: The simplistic cut of a peacoat creates an elegant look. These coats have characteristically been fairly light and would not keep you warm during Vermont winters, but with options such as the W Boulevard Jacket by North Face, there is hope. The W Boulevard is waterproof, insulated and features a detachable fir trim, perfect for not only keeping you warm, but keeping you stylish as well. Vintage: Vintage coats are always in style. They can be modeled after the natural beauty of the 1940s, or the fun and chic 1960s. You can check out your favorite boutique stores, though these may be expensive, or stroll down to your local vintage store, which mich be a bit cheaper. Some favorites are Betsey Johnson’s heather plaid wool sailor coat, as well as Trashy Diva’s Garbo Coat made out of rayon, silk and velvet. Girlie: You do not have to sacrifice girlie colors and trends for warmth. There are plenty of cute and warm coats in pinks and plaids with added femininity. Fun textures can also complement this girlie look, such as like velvet trim on the Ezibuy baby doll coat. Winter Sports: Skiing and snowboarding require a different type of coat. These are generally popular around college campuses, as they are very practical. They not only they last long time, but don’t require much care or upkeep either. The North Face W Condor Triclimate Jacket consists of a three-in-one jacket with a breathable exterior and soft-shell interior. There is also the L.L. Bean Ultrawarm jacket with faux fur trim. When choosing the perfect coat, it is important to take into consideration the mate?rial that you like best. Winter coats typically come in wool, down, fleece or velvet. Also, you should consider the activities you engage in. If you’re into winter sports and playing in the snow, you should go with a North Face, Oakley, or L.L Bean. If you need a warm coat to walk to class or wear over dresses, a more girlie or peacoat may work best. From Abercrombie and Oakley to all your favorite shops in between, there is a perfect winter coat that can meet anybody’s needs. The most important thing in a winter coat, besides it being fashionable, is for you to be comfortable and warm.