A war is being waged

A war on women across America has unjustly been declared. The safety of our health, our well-being and the ability to choose is consistently being probed and thoroughly questioned by the very people we have placed into power to represent our voices.

Our congressmen, leaders and the people who represent our nation are failing their citizens. They are not representing and understanding a body of people who require a variety of needs all across the spectrum of belief, whether it be conservative, libertarian, or liberal.

While the 2008 election was characterized by Sarah Palin-how-did-you-ever-become-an-elected-government-official jokes, 2012 has thus been characterized by the many wars being declared.

Between the upcoming 2012 election and the race to humiliate such-and-such political candidate adequately through dramatic television ads, our congressmen and women have come up with boatloads of new laws hell-bent on punishing and humiliating women who choose to have control over their body, whether be it through seeking out an abortion or utilizing contraception.

Taking a womans right to make decisions about her body goes against the very constitution our government is attempting to uphold. We deserve protection, support and the right to a choice, and this ability is not being protected well enough.

The news has been filled with riveting headlines revolving around abortion restrictions, forced ultrasounds, conservative blaming, liberal counter-blaming, complaints that women exercising their rights is a violation of their religious freedom, opposition to fair pay, and slut shaming.

Not to say all the blame should be placed at the feet and hands of men, but to deny that there is a such a large scale effort to limit our rights, especially with regard to our reproductive rights, is ignorant.

While Im not outright addressing all conservative positions or the republican party for their most recent attempts to rationalize legislative attempts, the problem is breeding in their minds, and speeches and efforts and people are supporting them.

While our government debates whether to renew the Violence Against Women Act that expands protection for not just women rights, but gay and immigrant rights as well, were all supposed to sit here and watch while our future rights are being determined?