Article from last week insults cops

Mr. Alex Collingsworth,

I just read your article about the police officers within our nation as well as the issue of total disarmament. As much as I disagree with the whole disarmament portion, it is not my place to be telling you not to express your opinion when you are in the right to do so.

However, what you said about the police, how “the police force are no longer there to be your friend,” as well as questioning their ethics and asking if there is a “cost-benefit analysis” to the amount of police shootings versus people saved, is completely absurd.

These men and women put their lives on the line every single day just so you can sit there and write these articles without having to worry about your safety from criminals. Maybe you’re lucky enough to not come from an area where crime is a daily occurrence, but some of us do and we realize that without the police force we would have to worry about sleeping safely at night.

I know plenty of police officers who do represent that “good ol’ Sheriff Bob” and will gladly give you a ride home, jump-start your car in the dead of winter, pay for your meal if you have no money, keep an eye on your car in an unsafe part of town, or even stop by to play a game of basketball. They do exist, and they do care.

Maybe if you stopped staring at the news and actually went out and talked to some officers you would feel differently. This article is a direct insult to the badge and everything these brave men and women stand for.

I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t write any more articles of this style: ones that act to turn people against the police.

This is college: a time where young minds are open to molding, and this is not the message students should be hearing. Turning students against the very people who devote their lives to protecting them is not how we change this world for the better.


Kyle Freundlich

Class of 2019