Bieber, please leave

It was an outrage, a scandal; it was justice, a deserved victory.

Around the time other high schools were divided between Team Jacob and Team Edward, mine was locked in a fight between Team GaGa and Team Bieber.

With every student claiming loyalty to one side or another, the chaos only increased when Justin Bieber won Artist of the Year over Lady Gaga at the 2010 American Music Awards.

I was not a pacifist in that war. However, years have passed: my generation has broken out of the teen years; pop-stars have come and gone.

Still, even when the songs ÒBabyÓ and ÒBad RomanceÓ were fighting for attention, my comrades and I tried to counter Bieber-fever.

I never would have guessed that Americans would petition President Obama for that bob-haired heartthrob to be deported back to Canada.

Yes, over 100,000 individuals gladly signed such a petition and now the president must respond.

Granted, heÕs had quite a wild ride these last few years.

Allegations of assault, public urination and drug use decorate his journey as an American celebrity.

HeÕs been in and out of relationships and he cut his famous boyish-locks.

And while heÕs done all of this, and other things not mentioned, he does not deserve to be deported.

Keep in mind: as a GaGa veteran, thatÕs hard for me to say.

The fact remains that Bieber has done nothing new.

Charlie Sheen, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Chris Brown: the list of celebrities doing something illegal, crude or stupid is endless.

It can be argued whether or not Bieber deserves deportation but I believe that most of the signed names were written jokingly.

In fact, thatÕs the real scare of this whole ordeal: that over 100,000 individuals so willingly signed that petition, advocated the deportation of a fellow American Ð whose mistakes, the reasoning behind the proposal, are made by youths across the nation.

It says a lot about our culture when so many Americans ask President Obama to deport Bieber.

It says a lot about our culture when so many Americans ask President Obama to deport anyone, for that matter.

Even if the petitioners signed in jest, itÕs a serious proposition and not really a laughing matter.

It doesnÕt project a healthy image. It doesnÕt promote tolerance.

To the many undocumented Americans in the U.S., deportation isnÕt a threat to use jokingly.

Of course, Obama isnÕt going to deport Bieber.

WeÕre all going to giggle when we hear the official White House response. Bieber will most likely continue his bad behavior.

The role of the celebrity in America will continue evolving, and weÕll continue to feed the fodder of gossip and buzzing news.

But next time, we should reflect on what weÕre saying and advocating. Do we want such a culture?

Are we really advocating for the deportation of those who we donÕt like?

As a GaGa veteran, IÕd be the first to say bye, bye to Bieber, but IÕd be the last to force him out of the country.