Breathe, Breathe In Air

If you ever try to find me in the morning, you may catch me gawking at “Tom and Jerry” or hustling to the showers.

But really, you’ll probably find me tripping out of bed, swearing, not knowing what I’m doing, but somehow inevitably rushing to be somewhere five minutes ago.

Yet I always catch a few cartoons.

Should I be doing something more important than sitting around only to rush at the last minute?

Someday, I won’t be so rushed. Someday, I hope to bring some seriousness to the new day’s arrival as “grown-ups” do, scanning the newspaper, fumbling numbly through the delivered blasphemy.

But for now, I stare at the tv, eating cereal with my hair pressed up awkwardly to the side.

To tell the truth, cartoons and awkward awakenings are the only two things that go together for me in the morning.

With roommates stumbling around for their early classes, delivery trucks outside constantly backing up (that beeping!) and typical dorm stuff, it’s not unusual to be woken up suddenly or rudely in the morning.

Should I feel bad for being lazy, or be glad that I have a simple, stress-free morning? After all, I did when I was younger as I do now, rolling around on the carpet or sitting on the couch, gazing at the tv.

And I haven’t made a good point yet, but I don’t think that makes a difference, because tomorrow I’ll wake up and I’ll be 30 and the next day I’ll be 40, but I’m not sure that I’ll find anything better than my cartoons and cereal.

I’m at college to get an education, but why struggle through it banging my head against the wall? Every day, we face impossible classes and schedules. Every day, new problems arise. It is inevitable that these things occur; that is the nature of being at college.

But should we have to suffer? Should we always strain ourselves? I’m not saying that I do or don’t get stuff done; rather, I think we have to take time for ourselves every day to chill.

I work hard all afternoon and into the night just so I can wake up in the morning and take that time to relax. Is that wrong? Naaa.

Take classes and challenges seriously because they do mean something in the long run. Keep up with friends and family because those are important connections to have.

But please take some time for yourself to vent or to take a nap, and realize that you are in college and should be having a little fun “just chillin’.”

Roll out of bed, check on “Tom and Jerry” and be proud that you know how to let it just flow. Leave the running around for others.

Peace and one love.