Campus Voices

ÒNot at all.Ó

-Sophomore Sarah Bachler


ÒI went to the debate at BrennanÕs Thursday night. Ty Williams did a great job and had great points. And it seems like SGA is doing what it can to help the student body; they seem to have good plans for the future.:

-Sophomore Sarah Bloom


ÒI have no idea whatÕs happening. I didnÕt even know there was an election until I heard Sarah say so 30 seconds ago.Ó

-Sophomore Casey Roohan


ÒI was recently at the classiest of all college bars Ð Drink- when I saw a guy in a turtleneck and my friend said, ÔOh, thatÕs Connor Daley.Õ Now I can put a face to the SGA emails.Ó

-Senior Lydia Kern