Campus Voices

When I say “union,” you say?…

“I think of the recent drivers’ strike. I think they’re essential. Unions are part of democracy in the workplace.”

-First-year Charlie Parker

“The first thing that comes to mind is the CCTA strike. I don’t think about them too much though- I think it’s an established fact that without them workers are very easily exploited.”

-Junior Samuel Grubinger

“I was part of a grocers union once. I paid $30 a month in dues for a 15 minute break every four hours. In my experience you have to work much harder than is feasible to reap the benefits of what you’re paying for.”

-Senior Claire Longyear

“I know there have been recent conflicts between Sodexo and workers here. You need workplace policies that keep workers on board. Communication between workers and bosses is important.”

-Junior Sophie Earll