Click Back America

George Bush has created the largest deficit in American history, which amounts to roughly $4500 per American. We’ll each have to pay the bill that he creates- since college students are preparing for life in the work force, we’ll have to pay the majority of this bill once we’re out making a living.

Want to support an organization that has stood up to Bush since the beginning, and is actively engaging voters in an effort to get rid of him in November? has a new website,, where you can send George Bush a message, and every message sent to Bush results in a free-to-you $1 donation to the MoveOn Voter Fund. As of right now, almost 100 UVM students have done so- you can do it quickly, sending a message and supporting a cause without opening your wallet.

Go to, and send MoveOn’s Voter Fund some money by giving Bush the message that war on Iraq and tax cuts for the wealthy shouldn’t be a higher priority than the future of our country.