Clinton won’t back down from her principles

I support Clinton because of her courage, authenticity and conviction.

Time and time again Clinton has stood up for her principles. 

She voted for the war in Iraq. For years, Clinton stood up against gay marriage. For years, she promoted a “tough on crime” agenda. She also stood up for the rights of poor oil tycoons when they wanted to build a pipeline from Canada.

She supported the trans-Pacific trade deal until she didn’t. That’s conviction. Clinton will support something right up to the moment she doesn’t. Sometimes the political winds change and she must bravely switch her stance on something.

It takes courage to do that. It took courage for her to accept all that money from Wall Street even though she is the most anti-Wall Street person in America. She may have been a little scared when she went to the lions’ den to give those paid speeches, but she overcame that fear. That’s what real courage is.

She sticks to her core principles. One of them is, “I’ll take money from anyone if they’re giving it away.” She has always stuck to that principle. To me HRC(TM) means authenticity. She is hands-down the most authentic candidate out there.

Clinton has a whole team dedicated to branding and being real. Everyday her brand and her unique selling points are improved and are made more authentic. She is briefed daily on how to be real by real experts on authenticity. HRC(TM): Authenticity. Conviction. Courage. Terms and conditions apply. Not valid in all states. May be subject to change.