College is not all that bad

Its that time of year again: exams have been looming ominously over our heads, the papers seem insurmountable and Bailey-Howe becomes our second home.

Long gone are the easy, carefree weekends and the glorious lazy Saturdays. Sunlight is replaced by fluorescent light, and fresh air replaced by the smell of old textbooks.

During stressful times like these it is easy to become overwhelmed with all of the studying and multitasking that college demands. Factor in extracurricular commitments and life becomes downright crazy.

So, how do students deal with this stress? From overhearing conversations around campus, it appears that most complain about the amount of work they have to do to anyone who will listen.

What if instead of complaining, we took a step back and considered how incredibly lucky we are to be here?

We live in such a small bubble that we often forget that only a select group of people has the opportunity to go to college. In fact, The New York Times reported in February that 30.4 percent of people over age 25 in the U.S. held a bachelors degree.

In comparison, only 6.7 percent of people worldwide have a bachelors degree according to the Huffington Post.

Statistics such as these reaffirm that our experience at college, while it may seem perfectly normal and expected, is far from it. The tasks we do everyday, from going to class to eating at the dining halls is not what the average 20 year-old does.

For many of us, we grew up with the expectation that we would attend university and perhaps even graduate school. However, just because something is expected does not mean that it should be taken for granted.

It is true that college has its moments of intense stress. It is also true that college has its ups and downs and sometimes does not live up to our expectations. But at the end of the day, we have so much to be grateful for.

UVM is truly a beautiful place with wonderful people who care about the world they live in, and who are curious and interesting. We have great professors, a picturesque campus, a vibrant downtown, mountain and lake views, fascinating events on campus and the list goes on.

Of course UVM is not without its faults, but the opportunities and support that we are given is incredible. Instead of focusing on the negatives, it is key to maintain a healthy perspective on the college experience and life in general.

Midterm season is tough, but the good news is that life goes on. Before we know it, the four years will be behind us and we will enter the post-graduate world.

So, before time slips away, take a second to appreciate all of the amazing opportunities you have been given by attending this university.