Cynic sees increase in crime

Crime on campus seems to be on the rise in the past few weeks.

Attempted armed robberies, theft and “peeping toms” are just a few of the crimes that have been reported at UVM lately.

The Cynic has found that we are reporting more crimes than we deem usual.

There was an attempted armed robbery between the Votey and Cook buildings on Jan. 25. Police have since released a composite sketch of the man who attempted to rob the three students with a knife.

Two men broke into parked cars in the Gutterson parking lot and stole student property on Jan. 30. 

There was also a “peeping tom” found in the Patterson dorm last month. 

Additionally we saw two cases of embezzlement in both the CATcard office and at the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese.

This makes the Cynic ask the question, why is there so much crime on campus?

UVM police services is active on campus in enforcing policies.

With programs such as START, the city of Burlington and UVM have taken steps to increase police presence in the community. 

These efforts often focus around underage drinking on campus and downtown. 

The University needs to look at crime as whole and the big picture to examine the causes and possible increase of reported crimes. 

The administration needs find ways to curb this problem because enforcement is not at the root of the issue.

We need creativity within our law enforcement and administration to seek innovative solutions to keep students safe on campus and in the community. 

Students in the mean time should stay aware of their surroundings and report any suspicious activity or crimes to UVM police services. 

The Cynic is curious to see what steps UVM will take to solve the problem of crime on campus.