Dear Mr. President, it’s about time

Alright Obama, it is about time we had a little chat. I know you have been busy dealing with two wars, the oil spill, tea parties and the general economic turmoil around the world, but have you failed to notice your huge majority in Congress? Honestly. You are the first Democratic president in years to have such a powerful force and you have wasted it completely. Clinton had nothing close to a majority in Congress for the second half of his presidency and still managed to get more done than you. I loved your campaign. I loved your message of hope, change, peace, love and puppies for everyone. I also know that people often promise things that they cannot follow through on. Alas Mr. President, you have no excuse. You have the power and the support, but clearly not the will to get the job done. You let the whole point of the health care bill, the public option, fall by the wayside. You haven’t introduced any major legislation regarding environmental issues or alternative fuels and you haven’t even gone anywhere near Social Security. I understand that introducing these issues may be unpopular, but Mr. President you are not in a campaign any longer. Now is not the time to win votes and stay in the moderates’ good graces. Now is the time to enact the change you promised and actually do something meaningful with your presidency. The way things are going, you damn well better realize that this Democratic majority will not last much longer. Come November, you can call yourself a lame duck for the next two years. The only way to avoid this is to introduce the change that you said you would. For the love of god, find a way to close Guantanamo. Come out and say once and for all that being gay or straight does not affect your ability to fire an M-16. Build wind turbines to create jobs instead of giving banks cash to replace that which they lost in the first place and do so with the grace and dignity that we know you have. At some point, Mr. President, you have to look in the mirror and say “I am the most powerful man on earth. I have the ability to move mountains.” Then, you have to use that power as best you can. Even if the Republicans filibuster or you don’t have the votes, at least we know you tried. You can stand up with dignity and say that whatever happens in the end, it wasn’t for lack of effort or getting muddled up in petty politics. A president should be the most model citizen, a man that stays true to his word and sincerely tries to help his country. Mr. Obama, I believe that you can be that man, so please use the power we gave you already, before it is too late.