Disapproval of pay increase

Dear Editor,

Let’s dissect “Workers in the deep fryer.” In fantasy land, students like Bianca Mohn work to target your feelings by creating sob stories about workers and the evil profiting corporations. But I believe reality has already decided this battle.

1. Employees are not stuck at the job they work at. They have the ability to leave and find other employment.

2. “The pay from one job should” NOT “be sufficient for a person to survive on” when this job only requires minimum skills.

If people were able to survive on one minimum-wage job there would be no reason to go out and gain the skills necessary to generate upward mobility.

3. In Bianca Mohn’s world, increasing the minimum wage gives workers more money with absolutely no other economic impacts. But let’s look at reality and what the facts say.

A 2006 review by David Neumark and William Wascher of over 100 studies on the minimum wage showed that with regard to increasing the minimum wage, “the preponderance of the evidence points to disemployment effects… [and] studies that focus on the least-skilled groups provide relatively overwhelming evidence of stronger disemployment effects for these groups.”

Christian Matthews

President of Young

Americans for Liberty