Don’t be boring this summer

What is summer? To some, it is a fun-filled vacation. To others, it is a time to make a little money before going back to school. In any case, summer should never be boring.In high school, summer usually meant bumming around your hometown, getting up at the crack of noon and doing basically nothing. If you were feeling especially industrious, you may even have had a part-time job or worked as a camp counselor.In college, summer proves to be a bit more important. Students unfortunately have to start thinking about the real world by finding internships and jobs.Gone are the days where students could laze about in the summer sun, letting their minds melt in the heat and forgetting most of the lessons learned that school year.Now they need to build a resume, look for internships and start life as an adult. At the very least, they hope to get an apartment away from home. I think this whole summer ritual of finding a job and getting ready for the real world is ridiculous. I don’t know if that is because I fear commitment or I am just lazy, but for some reason it seems fundamentally wrong.This is the best time of our lives. We should be off exploring the world, climbing mountains, meeting people and having fun. No other time in our lives do we have the fitness of mind and body to do basically anything. Thankfully, my hopes of having an adventurous and interesting summer are being given a fighting chance by something unexpected: the great recession.This year, huge numbers of students hoping to find work are having serious trouble. The work force is flooded with people hoping to find any sort of jobs and many businesses are forced to downsize. In wake of these events, what are students to do? To find the answer, one must think outside of the box. However, you should probably start by asking your parents for some money. After that, go about finding something worthwhile to do.You can volunteer in a foreign country and have your room and board paid through programs such as the Peace Corps. Or you could find a job on a cruise ship and sail around the world seeing interesting things. For all I care you could backpack across Europe and wear a Speedo on the beach to fit in.Even if you stay at home and build a miniature city in your garage out of Legos and papier-mache it will be something to talk about.Whatever you end up doing, I beg you to do something interesting. Nothing is worse than coming back to school the next year and hearing how boring everyone’s summer was.