Fo’ Shizzi My Brizzi

So. Over 1000 kids our age have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan over a war most of us think is terribly silly. Both of the major political candidates in our country are demanding a Vietnam-era “victory with honor”. And the Red Sox won the motherf*cking ALCS! Lets riot!

It was nice to hear that 1000 kids took the law into their own hands last week for the purpose of proving just how much they care about, well, the Red Sox. “See? We flipped over a van! YEAH! Red Sox! We’re not losers anymore!” But wouldn’t it have been nice to get a few anti war signs or something sprinkled amongst the drunken mob of massholes?

In my opinion, both the ISO and that weirdo on Church street with the Nader sign dropped the ball big time last week. Throw up a few signs, and last weeks riot could have turned from “stupid college kids get drunk and break things” to “young students express rage over Iraq war, love of Red Sox”. If ever there as ever been a moment when the UVM community needed a good spin machine, last week was it. We could have looked badass. Like Kent state sans death. But now we just look like a bunch of drunk jerks who threw a two-bit riot.

Honestly, how hard would it have been to just shout “I love the Sox, but I hate our president!” while knocking over lampposts? Not hard at all, and it could have made a real difference. See, I think last week’s riot reinforces the problem at UVM. We have no real threatening characters on campus. No one who wants to riot for Haiti, Iraq, or because they took 90210 out of syndication.

It shouldn’t just take the Red Sox to have us get rowdy, we’re college kids! I would suggest that one of the political groups (ISO, SPGJ, or the college Republicans) form a militant wing dedicated to blowing something up every once in a while just to prove a point. That way, the excitement of near-chaos such as one may find flipping a van can continue throughout the long baseball off-season. And if we ever do riot again, those militants could be counted on to bring the molotov cocktails.