GOP, you played yourself

It has been a long-standing notion that in normal election years, the incumbent

party has a favorable chance of retaining the White House if GDP growth has been steady and economic factors, such as job growth and wage growth, have been positive.

Let’s throw this out the window. This is no “normal” election year. The two major party candidates, Donald Trump and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are the most disliked nominees to ever run for president.

Poll after poll has found the two candidates’ “unfavorability rating” to be upward of 50 percent, with Trump as high as 70 percent in one ABC News/ Washington Post poll (June 2016).

However, here is where the GOP is the biggest loser. After nearly 25 years of attacking Clinton, some rightly and some wrongly, this election process could have been sealed and sorted before it even started.

But the new GOP, the Grand “Obstructionist” Party, which has done nothing significant while controlling the House and Senate but oppose meaningful gun control, oppose federally raising the minimum wage, oppose the 9/11 First Responders Bill, et cetera, et cetera, has only played itself.

When seasoned establishment Republicans like Governors Jeb Bush, Rick Perry and John Kasich, and Senators Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham and Rand Paul were obliterated state after state by Donald Trump, a divisive, unfiltered,

fear-mongering, small-million- dollar-loanee, loose cannon, orange Oompa Loompa-like nominee, I am sure the establishment knew the jig was up. As it turns out, Fox “News” can’t always dictate terms to their loyal fact-shy fan base.

Fortunately for establishment Democrats, there is nothing to fear when Debbie Wasserman Schultz is (was, but really still is) here.

If only the GOP knew ahead of time that Trump had even a remote chance, they might have done some rigging of their own. Hindsight is 20/20.

Wasserman Schultz and the DNC did absolutely everything they could to make sure the nominee would be no other than Queen Clinton, the candidate whose “turn it is”. From the leaked emails, it is clear the message they wanted to send voters was anti-Sanders.

Hundreds of thousands of voters were either purged from voter rolls or had their affiliations switched.

Voting machines were often faulty and precincts in many states reported duplicate absentee ballots, double counting and ballot-stealing.

The real spit-in-the-face for Sanders and his supporters? Clinton appointed Wasserman Schultz as “honorary chair” to her campaign after the former ceremoniously stepped down as DNC chair.

But see, she can do whatever she wants. Why, you ask? Because the GOP is now Trump’s playground and the party that is shrinking as more old people die has shown the rest of America what its true voter base has become and how they think and how they feel.

The majority of America is not ready for pee-brained Trump, and hence, Clinton is going to take this home by a huge margin.

The majority of America is, fortunately, appalled by Trump’s daily demeanor and has to, unfortunately, settle for more of the same shady establishment politics for at least the next few years.

None of these unethical biases by the DNC would have ever come to light had it not been for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

Clinton and Obama have nothing to say about the obvious prejudice within the party or that our people’s basic democratic right was stripped from them, but they are quick to blame Russia and find the flaws in their computer systems.

Give me a break! The only system that is broken is the two-party system. The people are sick of the status quo.

The only difference is that the DNC saw it quicker than the RNC and was able to do something about “grass-roots insurgents.”

It just goes to show you that Republicans truly are out of touch with everyday America.

Enjoy “Democracy!”