Hope for the future with progressive millennials

Dear Editor, 

Similar to most Americans right now, I can’t even begin to explain the emotional toll this election has taken. Election night took every ideal I had been taught about American society and shattered it. For the first time in my life I questioned whether this was somewhere I wanted to continue to be a part of. Everything preached and condoned by Donald Trump is against not just my political views, but also my deepest core values. I’ve seen him take genuine anger in millions of Americans and mold it in his tiny hands to fit his personal agenda.

But in the time since the election, I have begun to feel so differently. As we begin to come to terms with the result, we are also coming to terms as a nation on how we will deal with it. The path we seem to choose is one of strength, unity, compassion, and perseverance. Although we may not have gotten our candidate, we have gotten a potentially better outcome: hope for the future. The next four years will be nothing we imagined, but it’s completely up to us to make the best of it. A single man in a fancy office does not decide our fate, we do. We must engage in our communities, spread love and compassion, and keep working towards an America we all want to be part of.

For those gloating over the outcome: have your day, maybe a few. But move on. Start to come to terms with whom you chose to elect, the implications it has, and then look around. Look at how strong the other half of Americans are, despite the hatred and ignorance your candidate has spewed across the land. You can keep your guns, but we’ll keep our dignity.

One of the greatest outcomes of this election is the potential of my generation. As indicated by our voting patterns, we overwhelmingly chose to deny hatred and support progression. We are the ones who will be in charge soon, and this gives me so much hope. Like many other Americans, I love my country. I think it’s the greatest one in the world and I feel incredibly blessed to have been born here. I look forward to keeping up the fight and creating a country of opportunity for ALL.


Amanda Woodward

University of Vermont 2017

B.S. Public Communications-Community Development and Applied Economics