If You Don’t Listen to Me, I Won’t Listen to You

In response to Mary Howland’s article, I would like to briefly suggest that being “liberal” and/or “open minded” MIGHT PERHAPS suggest that you listen to those who have opinions that differ from your own.

This MIGHT PERHAPS include “conservatives”, if you can find one or two on campus. Most have graduated, gotten jobs, and left Burlington, unlike some of the members of the ISO who still need to hang out here to feel important and be reminded of the good old days.

Trying to “stop…conservatism” is IN PRECISE OPPOSITION TO THAT WHICH YOU ADVOCATE, unless you are willing to posit that everyone has the right to free speech, so long as they agree with you.

In case I have been some how unclear, what I am trying to say is that you are, by definition, a bigot and a hypocrite. But fear not, I am confident the administration agrees with you, and our finest professors will continue to be chased away and replaced with incompetent people of MANY different backgrounds! I am sure that any black lesbian off the street could provide a much more comprehensive understanding of international relations than Professor Kaufman ever could, and with any luck, we’ll find out shortly.

I hope your undergraduate career is so wildly successful that you too remain in Burlington indefinitely and inconsequentially.