Ignorant Liberals

In response to Jared Linder’s “I Don’t Hate Everyone – Just College Republicans,” I’d just like to reaffirm that it’s wrong to “gang up on the individual and attack them personally.”

Apparently, however, Mr. Linder forgot to point out how all liberals attack Bush for being stupid, and I’ve never met one who didn’t refer to Dick Cheney as a bitter dick (it’d be a lot easier if you stuck to Richard, man).

This is the nature of modern politics – liberals are no better than conservatives. A politician is a politician, and in this day and age of egregious superficiality, attacking the person is what appeals to the masses. I don’t agree with this practice but it is what it is.

Mr. Linder also illuminated the quality I despise in ignorant liberals (there are many liberals who do have valid points and are informed on the issues; this does not apply to them) who think they know something about politics: they elevate themselves as elitists and contradict themselves on principle repeatedly. Ignorant liberals commonly dismiss the entire South, yet they embody “diversity” (which abounds in Burlington and UVM, right?) and acceptance of all ideas. Mr. Linder put it eloquently, “No one is going to buy that bullshit up here, it’s not the South!”

I guess it’s just my pet peeve because I went to school in the South for two years and know a lot of good people from there, but I’ve heard countless, mindless, politically-charged ramblings which discredit an entire region of our country from having a say in politics.

So if you don’t want to come across as a ludicrous simpleton basking in ignorance, think before you write. Especially comments like the one Mr. Linder made about cars; UVM abounds with wannabe leftist trustafarians living on mommy and daddy’s stipends, just as much as it does with rich College Republicans. But at least the rich College Republicans act like they’re rich.