In Response to #ActualSororityMove

Dear Editor,

A recent social media campaign, started by a group of sorority women at Elon University called #ActualSororityMove, has made its way onto the UVM campus. The underlying message of the campaign is to reframe the way sororities are portrayed in society.

Women take pictures with aesthetically pleasing posters reading “My #ActualSororityMove,” a twist on the satirical social media platform #TotalSororityMove. This image is accompanied by a witty caption about how they claim to defy this “stereotype.”

I would like to preface this by saying I have been part of Greek Life for the majority of my college career, and wouldn’t change this for the world. There are individuals involved in Greek Life that make enormous and tangible strides in fighting these stereotypes, but they do it through living out their values and morals.

They don’t do it by holding posters.

They take their personal attributes and talents into the community, and take along their letters everywhere they go because they are fully aware that the community is watching.

They represent not just incredible Greek Life members, but commendable humans that are responsible and accountable. To those of you that fall under this category – thank you, and keep doing such great work!

My issue is not with the act of sorority women trying to change their public image. My issue is with the irony and truly insulting way they attempted to assure themselves in the public eye. To truly be honest, it seems like you are trying to prove something to yourselves rather than prove something to the community.

To have a positive self image and confidence means to not need the outside reassurance of others, especially those who are of no substance to your own life.  

Everyday I am faced with negative outside views of myself, founded on misinterpretations and stereotypes that are prevalent in every corner of society, not just in Greek Life.

These views are what drive the fire behind my success and continuously make me want to be a better person. And I will completely admit I am not even close to perfect, but I recognize that I believe in myself enough not to waste energy on the things I cannot change.

The true catalyst in changing this image will come from within the groups, when they decide to hold individuals fully accountable for their behavior so it doesn’t ruin the image of the entire, wonderful chapter. If you are acting in a certain behavior and doing certain things, this is the picture you’re painting of yourself and your chapter to the world.

No one is responsible for that except for you. Your actions are what will speak the loudest. Show the world why your sorority is so great through your actions and upholding its values and morals while out in the community.


Amanda Woodward